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Cloud Lifecycle Management

Cloud Lifecycle Management

BMC digital IT powers 82% of Fortune 500 companies

Cloud management platform to drive agility, ensure compliance, and manage complexity

BMC’s cloud management platform drives digital innovation with agile, full-stack service provisioning across cloud and traditional platforms. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management scales easily while integrating with essential compliance and governance policies to reduce risk.

  • Intelligently place services according to policies across traditional infrastructure and private and public clouds
  • Apply appropriate compliance and governance policies to services regardless of where they are deployed
  • Avoid service API lock-in and maintain choice across any platform
  • Plan for future growth with the ability to scale to support tens of thousands of VMs
  • Get fast time to value with a hybrid cloud that can be up and running with pre-built services in less than a week

Video: Cloud Lifecycle Management – the only cloud management platform you'll need

Match speed with governance and compliance to deliver trusted cloud computing at scale across complex environments. (2:54)

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Industrial-strength cloud management tools

Quickly deploy simple use cases and scale to production-grade hybrid cloud management.

Automated ITSM governance

Built-in integration to change management and the configuration management database (CMDB) ensures governance across the full lifecycle of services.

Intelligent compliance

Automate compliance to regulatory and security policies, and ensure ongoing configuration and patching.

Full-stack service provisioning

Sophisticated blueprint technology automates the rapid provisioning and ongoing management of full business services across servers, networks, platforms and applications.

Self-service portal

Business users can request configurable services from an intuitive interface without intervention from IT.

Service health management

Easily monitor service health through dashboards and auto-scale resources up or down according to pre-defined service requirements to avoid service disruption.

Public cloud compliance

Manage the performance, compliance, and change management of services provisioned from Amazon Web Services™ and Microsoft® Azure as well as other public clouds.

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  • Integrate with MyIT to offer employees a single service catalog for all IT offerings, including cloud services.
  • Use new application container technologies to support agile development and deployment.
  • Rapidly configure new platforms and new users with the Quick Start wizard.
  • Easily design and deliver full business services with a next-generation service designer.
  • Optimize resource usage with integrated capacity management.

Video: Bank of New York Mellon innovates across the business

Bank of New York Mellon uses Cloud Lifecycle Management to run their Extreme Platform (BXP), a cloud-based technology architecture and platform which supports innovation while minimizing cost and risk. (1:02)

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Go beyond cloud basics

Cloud Operations Management

BMC Cloud Operations Management gives you the performance and capacity management you need to run a smart, reliable cloud.

Release Process Management

BMC Release Process Management helps you quickly deploy changes to your business-critical applications more frequently, at lower cost, and with fewer errors.

Atrium Orchestrator

BMC Atrium Orchestrator allows IT staff to automate tasks via workflows that span multiple applications, systems, or infrastructure to document change and close the loop on compliance.

“Managing a complex cloud environment is a task for specialists. Enter BMC with Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) which helps firms develop Amazon-like cloud flexibility in-house.”

— Tom Groenfeldt, Forbes Magazine
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